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The Star Diaries by Stanislaw Lem

The Star Diaries by Stanislaw Lem

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"A major figure who just happens to be a science fiction writer...very likely, he is also the bestselling SF writer in the world?' Fantasy and Science Fiction
With over six million of his books in print worldwide, Stanislaw Lem is perhaps the most popular - and most critically acclaimed - science fiction writer of our day. In THE STAR DIARIES he recounts the further adventures of the delightfully wacky spaceman Ijon Tichy who whizzes through time and deep space in his interstellar Model T- running out of gas between planets, encountering space g----- who clean moons for a living... robot theologians who live in caves...and renegade potatoes who destroy spaceships. And somewhere out there in the universe he meets his "tomorrow self," quarrels with Plato, and reflects on the natural decency of electronic brains.
THE STAR DIARIES is a magnificently surrealistic GULLIVER'S TRAVELS in outer space that makes pleasant mockery of our Twentieth Century beliefs and institutions.
and a great knack for characterization. He is wildly comic, he is sardonic, perplexing, insightful."' THEODORE STURGEON, in
The New York Times

Condition: Acceptable. Some edge wear, creasing, and minor damage. 

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