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The Female Man by Joanna Russ

The Female Man by Joanna Russ

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Joanna is bright, edgy, and looking for The Man. Her world is our world, here and now.
Jeannine is soft, docile, and dreams of admiration. Her world is our world except that Hitler never took power, World War II never happened, and the Great Depression is still going on. Janet is sharp, strong, and just a bit spoiled. Her world is our world some time in the future. And there haven't
been any men on it for hundreds of years. Jael is...well, that would be telling. Anyway that's not the
real question. The real question is
"A wonderfully inventive novel, this interplanetary exploration of Feminist inner space, this sophisticated, playful fantasy book
which is, of course, all about reality."
-Phyllis Chesler, author of Women and Madness

Condition: Very good

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