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The Female Man by Joanna Russ

The Female Man by Joanna Russ

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Living in an altered past that never saw the end of the Great Depression, Jeannine, a librarian, is waiting to be married. Joanna, a 1970s feminist, is trying to succeed in a man's world. Janet is from Whileaway, a utopian earth where only women exist. And Jael is from an earth in the not-so-distant future, with separate-and warring- female and male societies. When these four women meet, the results are startling, outrageous, and subversive.
"Russ is the strongest, and wittiest, feminist voice in science fiction today. The Female Man is a work of frightening power, but it is also a work of great fictional subtlety.... The Female Man will not appeal to readers whose minds are in stasis; it should appeal to all intelli- gent people who look for exciting ideation, crackling dialogue, pro- vocative fictional games-playing in their reading."
"Joanna Russ offers a gallery of some of the most interesting female protagonists in current fiction, women who are rarely victims and sometimes even victors, but always engaged sharply and perceptively with their fate."
- Marge Piercy
"Once you have read this book, if you are a man and have the guts to open yourself to it, you will understand what it feels like to be a woman-conscious woman, a woman-loving woman, a feminist. And if you are a woman, you will remember.... This is a stunning book, a work to be read with great respect. It's also screamingly funny."
-San Francisco Review of Books
Nebula and Hugo award winner Joanna Russ is the author of The Adventures of Alyx, Extra(Ordinary) People, and a host of other works. She lives in Seattle and teaches at the University of Washington.

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