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The Ballad of Beta-2 and Empire Star by Samuel R. Delany

The Ballad of Beta-2 and Empire Star by Samuel R. Delany

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Empire Star
The Ballad of Beta-2
are two of the finest short novels by one of the most talented writers in the Science Fiction field, a writer with a well-earned reputation for imagination and style.
IN THE BALLAD OF BETA-2, Joneny, a student of galactic anthropology, is given the assignment of find- ing the meaning behind the ballad of a starship lost centuries before. In Delany's hands, Joneny's routine. research project becomes a perilous quest of miraculous knowledge.
EMPIRE STAR is the story of Comet Jo, the cat-bodied star-wanderer who meets, in his travels: the Lump, a half-alien, half-machine; Ni Ty Lee, the suicidal poet of the stars; the strange multiplex consciousness called Jewel... and the race of beings upon whose salvation rested the fate of civilization.

Condition: Acceptable. Discoloration and wear to the covers. 

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