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Reliquary by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Reliquary by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

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"Preston and Child carry off this sequel with great energy and panache In particular, their portrait of the underground dwellers lifts this thriller into a category all its own." -Chicago Tribune
"Reads like a summer roller-coaster flick." Philadelphia Inquirer
idden deep beneath Manhattan lies a warren of tunnels, sewers,
above. There lies the ultimate secret of the Museum Beast. When two grotesquely deformed skeletons are found deep in the mud off the Manhattan shoreline, museum curator Margo Green is called in to aid the investigation. Margo must once again team up with police Lieutenant D'Agosta and FBI agent Pendergast, as well as the brilliant Dr. Frock, to try and solve the puzzle. The trail soon leads deep under- ground, where they will face the awakening of a slumbering nightmare.
"The sequel to the popular Relic hits all the right buttons for those looking for thrills and chills from things that go bump in the night.... Another page-turner that cries out for translation to the silver screen." -The Orlando Sentinel

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