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Mr.X by Peter Straub

Mr.X by Peter Straub

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Every year on his birthday, Ned Dunstan is 'cursed with visions of horrors committed by a savage figure he calls Mr. X. This year, Ned's visions will become flesh and blood.
A dreadful premonition brings Ned home to find his mother on her deathbed. She reveals the never-before-disclosed name of his father and warns him of grave danger. Driven by a desperate sense of need, Ned explores his dark past and the astonishing legacy of his kin. Accused of violent crimes he has not committed and pursued by a shadowy twin, Ned enters a hidden world of ominous mysteries, where he must confront his deepest nightmares. . . .

a perfect gift for your X

Condition: Acceptable. Wear and rubbing. 

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