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In The Blood by Lauren Wright Douglas

In The Blood by Lauren Wright Douglas

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In The Blood
by Lauren Wright Douglas
It is the near future. America, accidental victim of biological warfare, is under forcible quarantine by a world desperate to protect itself from a savage virus aptly named the Red Death. Within America itself, entire states have sealed off their borders.
Enclaves exist where the Red Death has not wreaked its havoc, one of them in Arizona. Another is a mysterious and uninfected women's community known as the Gaians, and still another a hidden lesbian group rumored to offer sanctuary... if they can be found.
Solar-tech Hart, a free Arizonan, is accompanying virologist Dr. Ashe to the California border. Ashe may hold the key to survival: she is bringing an experimental vaccine to Captain Sandoval, commander of the BioStrike Forces for the Republic of California, and her militia of women.
Sandoval has orders regarding Dr. Ashe. Valentin, another officer assigned to Sandoval's unit, has her own secret set of orders...
In a primal struggle for survival and safety, Hart and Sandoval find themselves caught in a web of treachery, kidnapping, even murder.
Lauren Wright Douglas, author of The Always Anonymous Beast brings to us a gripping tale of women whose actions could redirect the course of history...

Condition: Acceptable. Would be good but for a little random gunk on the page edges and some residue on the covers. 

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