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Futurelove by Various Authors

Futurelove by Various Authors

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ANNE MCCAFFREY, who is probably well known to most readers of this book, examines in her story a mother love that goes beyond the physical, in a new and different sense of that phrase; a sense, in fact, not possible until present-day medical technology gave us the means of realizing it. The particular gift of Anne McCaffrey is that she can infuse such an in- tense human light and warmth into a hitherto-un- known, laboratory-cold subject that it takes on the familiar, common quality of our everyday readerly lives.
JOAN HOLLY, who has also been writing SF success- fully for years, deals with a different kind of parent-child pattern. Again there is a love situation emerging out of a relationship which would have been impossible before present-day science gave it to us as some- thing that could happen. But here again, through Joan Holly's creativity, we have an intense, swift-running story, like a landslide channeled between canyon walls so deep they almost shut out the light.
JEFFREY CARVER goes one step beyond the inter- action of ordinary human love. He plunges the reader into a small whirlpool of individual lives, carried along with the rushing current of power, plunging ever more swiftly toward the brink of a waterfall. Here, the love is not between human and human, but between human and something else-a love that in the end betrays.
from the Introduction by GORDON R. DICKSON

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