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Dream Snake by Vonda McIntyre

Dream Snake by Vonda McIntyre

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They called the
healer Snake, and she bore the name
proudly, for the medicine she distilled from the venom of the viper she carried with her was a po- tent cure; and the soothing power of her other companion, the alien dreamsnake, banished fear. But the primitive ignorance of those she served killed her dreamsnake and wrecked her career- for dreamsnakes were dreadfully rare, and Center would not grant her another.
Snake's only hope was to find a new dreamsnake - and on her quest, she was pursued by two im- placable followers, one driven by love, one by fear and need.
is a brilliantly entertaining book - as Joanna Russ puts it, "that rare thing, a tender and com- passionate adventure story."
A portion of Dreamsnake originally published as the novelette, "Of Mist, Grass and Sand," won the coveted Nebula Award.

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