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Daughters of Khaton by Merril Mushroom

Daughters of Khaton by Merril Mushroom

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by Merril Mushroom
For decades the crew members of the Explorer Globe Lycoperdon had lain in cold sleep, been roused to search among star systems for unpopulated planets that expanding humanity could safely colonize, only to return again to cold sleep.
They had landed on eleven planets for further study and were very near the end of the time alloted their mission. The six remaining crew members prepare for a landing on Khaton. Since inhabited worlds were off limits and the computer was expected to screen them out, the landing party is surprised to find that they have landed on a populated planet-of women and girl children,
Follow the sojourn of the one female and five male crew members as each searches out his and her own destiny in this beautiful land of perfectly balanced light, color, fragrance and flowers whose oracle is the Hylantree and who would ask the question, "Are you whole" (If you would be whole you must cease to fear becoming more than you are.) Khaton.

Condition: Acceptable. Some staining and wear. 

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