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Darker Masques edited by J.N. Williamson

Darker Masques edited by J.N. Williamson

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Terror hides its true form in the blackest of shadows, patiently waiting to unleash a neverending nightmare upon those foolish or daring-enough to uncover its evil visage. From the farthest reaches of twisted imaginations to the deepest, most intimate recesses of tortured minds, this collection of heart-stopping, bone-chilling tales reveals a world of unseen, unspoken horrors that will tear at your very soul, even as they grab you by the throat.
Join Ray Bradbury, Graham Masterson, Dan Simmons, F. Paul Wilson, and other masters of the macabre as they take you to the most hideous of realms to discover the evil that lurks behind...

a perfect gift for your scary cousin

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