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Transfinite Man by Colin Kapp

Transfinite Man by Colin Kapp

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Trouble-man of the Future
Dalroi grew up in the shadows of Failway Terminal-a monolithic destruction
enterprise that slowly absorbed the very lives of the people around him. For Failway seemed to feed on what was most bestial in human beings. Every day, transfinite travel capsules went out-pleasure trips to the vast and vicious depths that lie beyond human consciousness. Those that returned from these excursions found that they had legally ceased to exist. . . .
Three investigators from the Cronstadt Committee went into Failway Terminal and never came out. Then Cronstadt hired Dalroi to find out what had happened to them.
Suddenly Dalroi's personal war against Failway exploded into a terrifying manhunt that ranged over the six levels of transfinite space. . . .

Condition: Acceptable. Creasing to the front and back covers. Edge wear. 

condition of novels will vary per order. Our collection is in the range of "acceptable" to "excellent".

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