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Empire by Samuel R. Delany (signed, first edition)

Empire by Samuel R. Delany (signed, first edition)

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In his first new novel since Triton, Hugo and Nebula award winning author Samuel R. Delany weaves an epic tale of adventure in the 61st century. It's a fabulous, fast-paces quest for freedom in a galaxy of fantastic worlds. 

In his first major work since the record-breaking graphic story version of Star Wars, Howard Chaykin paints a sweeping portrait of starships, unlikely heroes and one legendary woman whose destiny is tied to the fall of Empire. 

A thriller, a classic work of heroic science fiction that stretches over one hundred pages of incredible full color art. More than a novel, more than an illusrated story, Empire is a dazzling display of new ideas. 

Very, very cool :) This is often regarded as one of the first graphic novels. 

Condition: Very good. Just some very minor edge wear. 

condition of novels will vary per order. Our collection is in the range of "acceptable" to "excellent".

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