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Atlan by Jane Gaskell

Atlan by Jane Gaskell

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Several thousand years B.C., on the strange Continent of Atlan, as it floats in a vacuum on the Atlantic Ocean, lives Cija. She is married to the vicious Emperor Zerd, "the most vile man living." But there is war between Atlan and the Mainland, a war in which mounted soldiers ride dinosaurs and birds six feet tall. Cija and her two young children fall into the hands of the cruel and ambitious Princess Sedili, and then the sadist Ael...
But Cija also escapes from bandits, wolves, a mad scientist, and the revolting swamp of the dinosaurs. This is a violent, fantastic novel of lust, adventure and greed for power. Jane Gaskell creates a world of her own, and it is terrifyingly vivid.

Condition: Acceptable. Some creasing and wear. 

condition of novels will vary per order. Our collection is in the range of "acceptable" to "excellent".

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